About Twang

Twang is banjo, fiddle, guitar, double bass and beautiful three-part harmonies. Twang is three musicians with roots in Denmark and the US. Since 2014, Twang has played countless concerts and has found their very own sound and atmosphere, entertaining and challenging audiences with a skilfully improvisational style.

The band met as students at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, where all three stood out due to their interest in American folk music. The three musicians have always had a desire to challenge the folk music scene and bring something new into the tradition. This work has so far culminated in hundreds of shows around Denmark and the release of three albums: Bebzy Biddle (2017), the live album Live Tapes Volume 1 (2019) and the collaborative album Svante Sjöblom & Twang (2022). 

Twang is like a three-legged stool, where each musician is one of the legs. Only with all three legs is Twang Twang. Each member pulls in their own direction, but together, they ensure a unique musical balance. Twang never loses control as a united band, keeping each other grounded and making each other soar.

Line up
Thyge Van Dassen (fiddle, vocals)
Spencer Gross (guitar, bass, vocals)
Peter Banks (banjo, bass, vocals)